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Hardiness Zones:
USDA Hardiness  Zones 3- 8. Most daffodils need a cold period to set blooms but certain divisions of daffodils will grow in warmer climates, especially if given sufficient water. The Jonquils (Division 7) and Tazetta (Division 8), which includes the paperwhites, are Mediterranean natives and do not require pre-chilling to bloom.
Gardeners in warm climates can also plant pre-chilled bulbs, but they are grown as annuals.
Exposure: Full Sun to partial shade. Daffodils bloom best in full sun, but a little dappled spring shade shouldn't affect them greatly.
Mature Size: 12 - 18 inches (h) x 6 - 9 inches (w)
Bloom Time:  Spring
Soil: Daffodil plants prefer a neutral to slightly acidic soil. As with most bulbs, they require excellent drainage. Since daffodils survive for years, you'll want to find a spot where they do not have to sit in water logged soil.

Planting Daffodil Bulbs:
Plant the bulbs pointed end up. Rule of thumb says to plant them twice as deep as they are wide, which usually comes down to three to 5 inches. Water well and keep them watered whenever the soil dries out.
You can also plant the bulbs in pots on patios, decks or window boxes. Just make sure they have access to water.
Alternately, you could plant them in pots and enjoy seeing them come up indoors. The flowers won’t last as long as they will outside but 5 or so daffodil bulbs in a six inch pot are sure way to bring spring inside!

Severe Weather Warning: If you live in the southern part of the United States, please keep your bulbs in the refrigerator (low humidity drawer) until the beginning of December, and then plant them outside. It’s possible that some mold will grow on the bulbs, which does not harm the bulb in any sort of way.

If you have planted your bulbs in planter boxes or pots, and the weather forecast predicts weather well below freezing, then protect your bulbs by either covering them in bark dust, or moving the pots close to side of the house to protect them from the frost.

Daffodils require minimal maintenance. They like to be watered regularly in the spring and fall. If there is no snow cover, the corms will also need water throughout the winter. Stop watering about 3-4 weeks after the flowers fade. They go dormant during the summer and prefer a drier soil.

: Daffodils are pretty self-sufficient, but if you have poor soil or the plants aren't flowering as much as they should, top dress with bulb food or bone meal when leaves first emerge. Lightly feed again when they flower.