Boekee’s Nursery is a direct importer of the finest bulbs grown in Holland. Each year we import high quality tulip, daffodil, hyacinth and other bulbs directly from Holland to grow in pots and sell as flowering plants in garden centers and retail stores throughout Oregon and Washington.

Photo of the Nursery taken out of an airplane

Packaged bulbs sold in stores in the United States are typically leftovers from a previous year or are bulbs that were of insufficient quality to sell to growers. Many people are disappointed when they spend money on those bulbs only to have very few of them actually come up.

That’s why Boekee’s Nursery now offers a selection of high quality bulbs for sale through our Amazon store. Although there is always a chance that a bulb might not flower, we are confident you’ll have much better luck with our bulbs!

We're Now on Amazon.com!

Visit our new store on amazon.com and buy bulbs directly from us.